Your Sphynx will require regular bathing.  Unlike coated cats that have fur to absorb their natural body oils.  These accumulated oils can often give your kitten an orange dirty look.  Bathing your Sphynx should be a simple task.  D’Nile Sphynx kittens are bathed regularly so that your kitten should be well adjusted and often even enjoy the water.  D’Nile recommends filling the bathtub before the cat enters the bathroom first to avoid raising your kittens stress level by the loud noise of the bathtub filling.  D’Nile Sphynx recommends skin to skin contact in as many situations as possible during bath time skin to skin contact cannot be stressed enough.  Trying to bath a kitten in a sink from a kitten’s point of view has several problems. One the kittens sees the easy potential for escape. Two you are very far away from your kitten and it is scared. Three sinks are often slippery.  Instead D’Nile Sphynx raises its kittens from as young as possible to be used to being bathed in the following manner.   Fill the bathtub with warm water and assemble any supplies you may need.  We recommend Johnsons baby shampoo or Johnsons natural lavender baby wash.  However any tear free cat shampoo may be used.  Chubb’s bar soap is also a great one for Sphynx who get very greasy.  I sometimes also like to rub down my Sphynx lightly pure coconut oil five to ten minutes before bath time. 
​The coconut oil helps to melt off the grease and dirt in the wrinkles and keeps your Sphynx soft and prevents it from getting dry irritated skin from frequent bathing.  After I have allowed the coconut oil to soak I enter the bathtub and sit down.  I either ask one of my children or my husband to then hand me my kitten that I then stand gently between my legs.  If I am alone I gently sit down with my kitten and place it between my legs after I sit down in the water.  It is best if the water is at least to a level above the kitten’s belly.  I then can gently hold the kitten by squeezing my legs together if I need to.  I then hold the kitten gently around the shoulders with one hand and pour the shampoo along the kittens back with the other hand.  I can then use both hands to scrub down my kitten.  I simply raise the kitten’s front end up to get its belly and under each leg and neck and chest.  Make sure you don’t get any soap higher than the base of the ears.  Stand your kitten back in the water making sure all four feet are firmly on the bottom and it doesn’t slip and then you can again place one hand over its shoulders and use the other hand to use a cup to gently pour water over the rest of the kitten to completely rinse your kitten.  Make sure not to splash any water in your kittens face.  It’s very important that you keep every bath time as calm and positive as possible. Try to have a warm towel ready to wrap your kitten in to pat or rub dry. You can put towel in the dryer while you bath your kitten or simply set them in your kitten’s bed on top of its heating pad. Never bath your kitten when you are rushed for time.  In-between baths.  D’Nile Sphynx recommends keeping water a positive aspect in your Sphynx life and during supervised times fill the bathtub with an inch or two of warm water and add a few pool or bathtub toys for your kitten to play with.  Never leave your kitten unattended with standing water in the bathtub or sink however. 


April leitte


D'Nile Sphynx