~~Here at D’Nile Sphynx all our kittens are raised as family members with constant social and physical contact. D’Nile raises each kitten to be a future companion and family member. D’Nile never cages any of its breeder cats or kittens, but instead encourages all of our cats to join in all the family's household daily activities. D'Nile realizes the importance of quality and well adjusted kittens. We keep the number of our breeders small and breed only cats that have been scanned for HCM. D’Nile hopes that every buyer will have many happy years with their D’Nile Sphynx. We feel that each kitten should closely follow the Sphynx breed standards. We recognize PERSONALITY AND TEMPERAMENT are very important in creating a strong and permanent bond between each kitten and its new owner.  D'Nile Sphynx would like to help each buyer find their own special SPHYNX today or in the future.

D'Nile Sphynx


Jade is a one year old blue point male. He is already neutered and ready to go home. He is good with kids, cats, and dogs. Jade's adoption fee is $900. His ideal home would be a home with children or a stay at home mom.  He is very social and very vocal.  He has been called a huge Velcro kitty by everyone.  Jade has a big personality and a huge sense of humor.  He always wants to be included with whatever his family is doing whether its is getting in your baths with you, doing laundry or helping to paint the bedroom walls.  Please contact us for more information. 720-334-2551

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